Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Animal Experimentation

  Animal Experimentation   Ojaswi Patil Period 5

Animal experimentation should be banned because it is not effective, there are other alternatives, and it is very cruel to the animals.There are millions of suffering animals that are being tested on products/cosmetics,or even for science education.All types of animals are being tested on for example dogs, cats, birds, chimpanzees, pigs, rabbits, and sheep.("11 Facts About Animal Testing.")

First of all these tests are not effective for example, Flosint, Fialuridine, Eraldin, Opren, Zomax, Zelmid, Amrinone, and Clioquinol do not do anything to the animals. These drugs although did do something to humans. This is an example of a non effective testing. A testing on diabetes medication was found to be no problem for the animal, but then caused lung damage to a human. One human had died, and another had a lung transplant. Alot of people have lost their kidney functions due to the animal testing of the anesthetic called methoxyflurane, which did nothing to the animals but did several damages to the humans’ kidneys.
My second reason is that animals do not have the same body type as us. For example within twenty three days, three humans have died from the “perfect” combined lung transplant for animals. Patients have gone blind due to the experiment on rabbits without needing glasses. Apparently rabbit’s cornea is underside which causes the experiment to go well for them, but a human cornea is on the surface. Thirty five thousand have died from overdosing on isoproterenol. This experiment was successful to the animals, but not successful the humans.     
My third reason is that we have way too many animals dieing for no reason.  For example, due to an experiment on septic shock the animals being tested on this acted normal, but humans reacted differently. A septic shock is a bacterial blood infection which caused the humans to have a big death rate. An animal was tested on Hepatitis B to see if that certain type of side effect would cause anything to the animal, which did not do anything to the animal but caused the humans to die.
First of all there are many other alternatives rather than hurting an animal. You can use stem cell or genetic testing, this is where you get the DNA to find the differences/mutations in the body. Another alternative would be microdosing. Microdosing is where you give a testing on humans with a very low amount of drugs in their body without affecting the whole body ("In Testing | Alternatives to Animal Testing and Research.").
Secondly you do not have to involve animals in all types of experiments. Humans can also be used but not over drugging them. If your going to use animals, try to not overdose them with so much drugs. For example you can use human blood to test out the fever medication, which will save thousands of rabbits each year. Another example would be using slaughtered animals that we eat, but using the chicken's eyes to test chemicals instead of using rabbits eyes. Last example would be using human skin that has been donated from surgeries to test out on allergic reactions instead of using rabbits skin, and human skin was more effective than rabbit skin.
Lastly scientific tests are more better than animal testing. Human bodies are more accurate to reacting to certain types of chemicals/drugs. For example in a tube test human skin cells were more accurate to finding out the skin irritations rather than using animal tests. Another example would be less cost effective. For example humans were tested on sunscreen which only took them a couple days to react to the product, but in most cases the animals that were being tested on the sunscreen took more than a few months to see results.   
The first reason is that it is very cruel to the animals. For example in cosmetic tests animals would have to shave off their fur and be rubbed with chemicals that would irritate them. They would also drop chemicals into the animals eyes and let them go through the pain. A test on carcinogens (a substance that causes cancer) was used everyday for two years on animals. This caused pregnant animals to die and to test on their fetuses.(”Examples of Severe Animal Suffering in Laboratories: The Humane Society the United States.”)
My second reason is that they overdoes the animal more than the amount for a human. For example there was a test on wrinkle cream, and they injected a powerful toxin in the mice. This caused a 50% chance for the mice to die. The mice had nausea and wave muscle paralysis which caused them to die in less than three to four days. Another example is a type of drug that would provide treatment to cancer without heart problems. It was called Mitoxantrone. They tested this drug on beagle dogs, and it did not go so well. The dogs had gotten heart failure.  
My third reason is that it is misleading. An example would be, monkey being tested on malaria. This proved to be very effective to the humans to help increase protein and be corrected by steroids, but on the contrary this caused humans to be harmful to their bodies and was not at all relevant to the monkey testing. Another example had to do with getting gas into your eyes. There was an experiment involving on putting a good amount of pressure of gas into the rabbit and humans eyes. The percentage for a human was 40% in 5 minutes while a rabbit was 3% in 10 minutes. Last example would be from using guinea pigs and rabbits to bleach them to test if any sensitivity would cause them any harm what found to be accurate but in humans found to be very dangerous.     



Thursday, May 7, 2015

The chill aunt interview

                     The Chill Aunt Interview                   Ojaswi Patil
                                                                                                                                            Period 5

                         I interviewed my aunt Mina, on videochat. She was in a dark background. She had brown reading glasses, a black messy bun with a few white hairs, dark spots, and a tiny amount of wrinkles. She was sitting on her couch with her head sticking out on the right corner of the screen. She was born in Nepal, but now she lives in San Francisco. Her birthday is November 26, 1953 and she is 61 years old. She has five brothers and three sisters. She is also divorced.

Question One:
Me: "How was your childhood like?"
Mina: "It was great, at least from the outside of the family."
"Me and my brothers has some rough times with one and another." "Over all now, we are good to each other."
Me: "That's great." "But do you know why you had a few rough times with your brothers?"
Mina: "Well i was a naughty little girl so I would fight with my brothers." "Sometimes physical or just talk back."

Question Two:
Me: "What was the best school year for you?"
Mina: "I can’t really remember as much."
"I think it was the seventh grade."
Me: "Why was the seventh grade your favorite?"
Mina: "That time I did a lot of dance classes." "I was also doing really good in school with my grades."

Question Three:
Me: "Did you ever get an injury before?"
Mina: "Yes when I was 9 years old." "I was in my kitchen and there was water on the floor and I slipped and broke my leg."
Me: "Did you go to the hospital?"
Mina: "I didn't have a hospital at that time because I lie in Nepal which is a countryside area."

Question Four:
Me: "What was the best gift you received as a child?"
Mina: "I received this doll that I loved a lot." "My dad gave me the doll."
Me: " Where was the doll from?" "If you could remember...?"
Mina: "I think it was from India or another part of Nepal."

Question Five:
Me: "What goals did you have when you finished high school?"
Mina: "I wanted to go to college." "And also finish college."
Me: "Why do you want to go and finish college."

Mina: "I wanted to have a good carrier to set for my life and not to suffer."

Thursday, April 16, 2015

She has beautiful talent!

So now Luther is talking to this other girl name Kay and she has the most beautiful artwork! Anyway Luther also had a little part where he was talking to his new crush named Alex about the fire problem. My reaction was interested in the artwork on how Kay explained how she spotted and dotted, etc. I wonder why Luther likes Alex?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Alex is a smart girl ..

So again in the book Mr.Gary is talking to the class about the fires stuff like why is it still burning near the trees. Alex the new girl is really smart and had a great explanation on how they should cut the trees down and fire the old polices and get new ones because of how terrible they do their job. My reaction was impressed by how smart Alex is. My question is why are the old polices are bad what did hey do wrong?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What a smart answer Mr. Juddson

  • In the part of the book Luther goes to school and talks about the crazy fires in his hometown, Idaho. There have been some crazy fires during the years and they have to go to a meeting tomorrow. There was a smart kid as well who thoughts really great idea of cutting down the wood to have less fires during the years. My reaction was shocked for how many years there were fires. My question is why don't they ACTUALLY cut down the wood to cause less fire? 

Monday, April 13, 2015

The girls always get the jewls.

This chapter involved around Luthers parents fighting a lot about stupid stuff, like spending to much for the daughter in the family. My reaction was disppointing to Luthers parents because they have sometimes physical fights. My question is why do they fight a lot?

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Flash Point has a uniform?

Before, we were talking about how the main character was scared of the flames and how the world was going to "end". The time has past now, and his sister is in a uniform that she has to wear to go farming. Not a lot has changed yet.